5 Unforgettable Experience: High Altitude Stratosphere Flight

Unforgettable Experience: High Altitude Stratosphere Flight

Posted on February 6, 2014 by team

A photo story of one flight on a MiG-29 aircraft at the altitude of 17 900 meters with a maximum speed of 1800 km/h. For those who have never experienced anything like this before it could become the brightest event of a lifetime.

We are going to fly from the SOKOL factory in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia on an operational trainer MiG-29.

First of all you will need to take a medical examination and sign some papers to agree you won’t be blaming anyone if you die. The next step is a briefing. In fact the worst thing that may happen to you is vomitting. Untrained people often do not withstand the whole flight.

Such costume will protect from acceleration, air is supplied through the pipes. If the cabin gets depressurized at the height of 20 km the costume will compress the body so you will not die from the jump in pressure.

Going to the airfield.

Plane inspection.

Place of the chief pilot.

Preparing for the flight.

The plane consumes 2.5 tons of fuel for one flight lasting 45 minutes!

Standard pre-flight check.

Acceleration is to the discretion of the pilot. It may seem you lose consciousness and feel weightlessness.
Trained pilots fully control the situation even at very high speed, it seems amazing – everything goes dark before your eyes, you can’t even raise your hand while the pilot’s mind is absolutely clear.


Maybe they will even let you control the aircraft. And they will definitely do some aerobatics to impress you!

Secret photo laboratory at the SOKOL factory.

Flying back to Moscow.

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5 Responses to “Unforgettable Experience: High Altitude Stratosphere Flight”

  1. Arjan says:

    The suit has nothing to do with pressure at high altitudes when jumping out (how to keep up the pressure then?). The suit is a so called G-suit which blows up when the plane is doing manoeuvres which causes high G forces on the body. These forces can make the blood go down to the legs (negative g forces) which can cause a black out. Not very good when you are a fighter pilot. Therefor the suit blows up preventing all blood going into the legs and together with special breathing technics for the pilot he makes sure the blood stays in his head and so preventing a black out.

  2. Arjan says:

    On top of that I very much doubt that this has been a stratospheric flight because the pilots should where an pre-pressurised suit with a fully closed helmet similar as astronauts. This guys wears a standard fighter helmet. Spot the diference via this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_lhDkdAdYA where James May is doing an actual stratospheric flight. The suit is kept to pressure outside the plane with a special device.

  3. David says:

    how much does this flight cost?

  4. MrSatyre says:

    Strange that they didn’t make him shave to guarantee a better seal for his oxygen mask. Either the photos don’t match the story, or the story is typical exaggeration.

  5. zulpin says:

    500USD,I think.

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