1 The Kingdom Of Salt

The Kingdom Of Salt

Posted on February 6, 2014 by team

It’s hard to believe that centuries ago salt was as precious as gold – it was really extracted manually and the process was really hard while today it is mechanized and salt is very cheap. We are going to visit the main salt-producing company of Ukraine – “Artemsol” that operates in a city called Soledar.

The salt deposit near Bryantsevka village (Donbas) was found in 1880, it marked the start of the “Artemsol” history.

Today they export salt to twenty two countries around the world making over seven million tons of salt annually.

They extract salt from the depth of 200-300 meters. For over a hundred years the working system has stretched for about 300 km and more than 250 million tons of salt has been extracted. But in fact it’s only 3% of the whole Soledar supplies.

One of the dead holes is used as a speleoresort where people cure respiratory illnesses, tourists often come here for excursions and to visit the local underground museum of salt industry.

Descending to the tourist zone.

It is located 288 meters deep.

Underground infrastructure.

Signal codes.

Everything here is from salt!

This salt deposit appeared 250 million years ago from saline deposits of the ancient sea’s shallow bay.

Each layer of salt has been forming for about 100 thousand years.

Sculptures and bas-reliefs from salt.

Welcome to the speleoresort!

The door is decorated with illuminated bricks of salt crystals.

The temperature maintained here is about 15C.

The main enemy of rock-salt is water so they pay special attention to waterproofing here.

Really deep toilet!

The place for patients’ recreation. There are beds behind the curtains.

A small cafe.


Everything you may need..

Pictures of the popular Russian singer who visited the place.

Must be the most epic place here – chamber 42 which is 27 m high and 100 m long.

Another cool chamber used for conferences, concerts, exhibitions…

Tourists may play football if they wish.

It is absolutely worth visiting!

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