0 First Aid For a Wounded Friend

First Aid For a Wounded Friend

Posted on February 3, 2014 by team

Some pictures of the military medical training of a Russian anti-terrorist unit. By the way, sometimes it may take place at night or in the severe cold but always – in the realistic combat conditions.

To put the gun on the ground, to take the gloves off – but each second might be precious.

The fighter is wounded in his leg.

This one is wounded in his head and his leg.

Another leg may help to fix the wounded one.

Here is how.

Evacuation of the wounded fighter while under fire.

The ammo has to be taken off.

One fighter provides first aid, another one provides protection from the enemy.

Not a single second can be lost!


The injured person may scream, groan or try to break loose…

But he will be rescued anyway!

Now he needs to be taken to a safe place.

Injection to prevent pain shock.

It’s better they would never have to use this knowledge in real situations…

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