6 Tanker Aircraft Il 78

Tanker Aircraft Il 78

Il-78 ("Midas" according to the NATO classification) is a tanker aircraft based on Il-76MD modification and intended for air fuelling of military aircrafts. Today it is the
only specialized type of a tanker being in service with the Russian air force. It can also be used as a military transport aircraft. Rather beautiful plane.

1 Fresh Vegetables All Year Round

Fresh Vegetables All Year Round

In the village of the Russian Primorye called Surazhevka agronomists are growing fresh cucumbers, tomatoes,
radish and greens all year round. Bright pictures of the largest hothouse in the region are inside the post.
3 Deserved Sleep of the Ukrainian Police

Deserved Sleep of the Ukrainian Police

This is how Ukrainian policemen rest after the hard work for
the country protection and containment of the opposition.
8 Siege of Leningrad: the Museum In Modern Saint Petersburg

Siege of Leningrad: the Museum In Modern Saint Petersburg

There is a museum and a so-called "street of life" in Saint-Petersburg both devoted to the
memory of sieged Leningrad. We decided to visit this place and invite you to join.
3 Resting Helicopters

Resting Helicopters

Pictures from the closed and guarded site in the Leningrad region of Russia,
where over sixty Mi helicopters removed from operation are stored today.
2 Two Abkhazian Abandoned Houses

Two Abkhazian Abandoned Houses

Many dwelling houses in Sukhum, Abkhazia, look like palaces. Right now we're going to show you
two of them, one is abandoned for sure, another one is seemingly inhabited by someone.

4 Kord: the Russian Large Calibre Sniper Rifle

Kord: the Russian Large Calibre Sniper Rifle

This post is about the new 12,7 mm sniper rifle system 6S8 "Kord" intended for shooting at lightly armored and unarmored equipment at a distance of up to 1000 m and also at living enemy forces wearing individual body armor at a
distance of up to 1500 m, for struggling against snipers armed with 7,62 or 9 mm rifles, group and point targets. The sniper complex includes a 12,7 mm rifle itself, a sniper cartridge, optical or night sniper sight.
1 Russian Winter Motorcycle Rally

Russian Winter Motorcycle Rally

"Snowdogs" is the first Russian winter motorcycle rally, in 2014 this event has been held for the tenth time. The vehicles they use for riding
are called "Unimotos", they can go in any direction but never go straight. If you like unusual motor vehicles, look inside the post!

6 Modern Russian Technology Park

Modern Russian Technology Park

Russia is going to implement army and fleet rearmament, and in the period until 2020 it is planned to increase production of air defence missile systems and radar detection and ranging
facilities 10 times over or even more. With this purpose in mind, new technology parks are being created in the country. We are going to visit one of them - located in Saint-Petersburg.

5 The Sieged City Leningrad, Part II

The Sieged City Leningrad, Part II

Another huge set of pictures bringing memories
of the terrible war time. Find part I here.

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