2 How Toothpaste Tubes Are Made

How Toothpaste Tubes Are Made

Posted on January 26, 2014 by team

You have seen many different production materials and reports, but we still do not know how many things of our daily use are made. For example, toothpase tubes.

Aluminium pills.


Here an aluminium pill turns into a tube.

The machine also makes a threaded part on each tube.

The furnace at last.

Machine for internal varnishing of tubes.

Curing oven.

Storage stand for tubes.

Now they are covered with white enamel.

The enamel is dried in a furnace again.

Printing various images on the tubes.

Tubes production line was bought in the early 90s and it is still successfully functioning.

Stencil shafts.

Another type of shafts for other products.

Everything should be cleaned and lubricated beforehand.

Another stage of burning to fix an applied image.

The final operation – cap screwing.

Now the tube is to be filled with a necessary product.

Packing into boxes.

This factory has another tubes production line which is older than the previous one, it is more than forty years but still works faultlessly. The production process here is actually the same, but this line is a bit slower and the color spectrum for images applied on the tubes consists of three colors only.

Anothe storage system.

These tubes are wider in diameter.

But how are caps for the tubes made?

Waste products left by the press machine.

They will be used again for making the same caps so it is a non-waste industry.

The plastic used for making caps is Russian.

Pressing machines.

Here they make laminate tubes but the process is not so interesting compared to the one described above.

The factory has orders from many companies including foreign ones, for example, Procter&Gamble.

The laminate is brought from China.

This laminate has five layers in order to extend life of the product.

Laminate production is provided by three machines.

Here they check tubes for tightness.

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