5 Soviet Judgement Day Machine

Soviet Judgement Day Machine

Posted on January 23, 2014 by team

Right now we are going to visit a very interesting place – abandoned bunker of nuclear response automatic control.

Just imagine a 125-tonne capsule, 33 meters high, having twelve tiers, hanging on tension wires that provide shock-absorbtion in case of an unexpected attack. It is intended for 45 days of autonomous operation and launch of nuclear warheads.

But what is more important is that this bunker is a part of the Soviet “Judgement Day” machine  – the system called “Perimeter”. It is the computer complex that can analyze the situation and once it detects a nuclear attack it automatically launches a command missile that would fly over the territory of the USSR and unblock nuclear warheads on the ground, in the water and in the air. The secretary-general could launch the system and divest himself of responsibility for the counterblow.

It would mean that all life would be destructed on earth automatically! It was the main deterrant for other countries preventing them from attacking the USSR. This was the only Judgement Day machine working until 1995, in the west it used to be called “the dead hand” because the missiles could be launched to destroy the potential enemy even if all its personnel would be dead.

In fact it was the place that was maintaining peace on entire earth in the period since 1983 to 1995.

From above it does not attract much attention…

But here is what it hides inside.

Product 15U88.


The wiring has been cut off.

The first tir is flooded.

Cabinets for old ECMs.

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5 responses to “Soviet Judgement Day Machine”

  1. Bill says:

    Thank God it was never used.

  2. Jim Beam says:

    Good thing this system was not running MS-Windows…a “blue screen of death” could be really and literally deadly!

  3. Jeff says:

    Are you familiar with the movie Dr. Strangelove?

  4. thomas says:

    That missile on black-and-white small picture is now at the museum of air planes in Kosice, Slovakia. Except Russia or maybe Ukraine its the only place in Europe where you can find it (and touch it maybe … )

  5. JBDragon says:

    Thank goodness it’s yet another pile of crap in Russia.

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