6 Weapons of Maidan

Weapons of Maidan

Posted on January 22, 2014 by team

Fighting in the center of Kiev has been lasting for two months already. Within this period of time Maidan has learnt to build barricades and to attack “Berkut” fighters. Initially they used cobblestones, now they throw Molotov coktails and apply blinding lasers. Oppositionists equip themselves with helmets,  medical and gas masks, respirators. Tourist carpets and planks are used to make protection for legs and arms. Sometimes even bows, axes and spears can be seen. Rather exotic.

The launching trebuchet made by oppositionists stood only half a day and soon was destroyed by police. In the recent days the situation has been coming out of control. More and more it looks like real combat actions.

To suppress the rebellion policemen make use of stun and gas grenades, some types of gas sprays, batons, pump-action shotguns shooting with rubber bullets and shrapnel.

Bullets made use of are different as well as degrees of injury they cause.

Oppositionists’ wepoans: traumatic and airsoft guns.

Tear gas and stun grenades of the Kiev police.

Grenade of the oppositionists.

They have a lot of them.



Like in Russia many fighters buy boots for their own money.

And they may have absolutely different boots.

Some compassionate citizens bring foam pieces and planks in order the fighters do not stand on ice.

In daytime the fighting abates, the most active attacks happen at night. The most aggressive is a so-called “right sector” represented by Ukrainian nationalists.

The main weapon of oppositionists – cobblestones.

In the morning battlefields look like this.

Molotov cocktails.


That very launching trebuchet.

 Pyrotechnics is also used to attack.

It is often attached by such metal sticks.

Some oppositionists have really good protective equipment.

All bats are sold out in the city.



Some strange device.

What is he going to do with this?

Building barricades.

Extinguished vehicles have become entirely frozen.

They garb all they can.

Trash cans.

The barricades they have learnt to build are rather good.

Such helmet is the best head protection.


Such nets can catch grenades of “Berkut”.

Famous Maidan knights!

Helmets are fixed on heads with adhesive tape.

Shovel shield.

The wrench and the bat will be used for attack.

Respirators protect from gas.

Gas mask.


Pensioners and women also should protect themselves from gas.

Some handmade helmets are even decorated!

They help by cleaning the territory.

“Our land”.


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6 responses to “Weapons of Maidan”

  1. Diogo Terra says:

    Are Uzis “traumatic and airsoft guns”?

  2. CZenda says:

    I asked my neighbor about the situation in Kiev. He was born in Ukraine, but moved to CZ some 10 yrs ago. His children speak and write fluent Czech, although he himself speaks some strange mixture of Czech, Slovak, Ruthenian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.
    What he seriously expects is a division of Ukraine.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Everything is simple, people took as a corruption government earns from above and so 20 years distressed people…. But one thing to throw the government(President, in my opinion deserves hanging), the other with whom to build a trade and political ties…. a Big part of the opposing why think if you go to the EU at once all changes in the country, but it’s just a bunch of not very smart people… Most of the Ukrainians as the times understands that the partnership is possible with those who Ukraine is ready to buy, and finally, Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are all Slavs….

  3. Jean says:

    american warships in the black see, olympic games ib Sochci, unrest in the Ukraine. Looks like the situation with georgia who just as Saddam Hussein has had (from the americans) the blessings to start a war against RUSSIA. Unfortunate they lose wich was very happy for us and they will also lose this game. And for Ukraine is the word, LOOK what happens in 1941/45 with your people and country.

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    “Some strange device”: that is a flail. Originally used in the olden days to thresh grain, people found out that it made a good weapon.

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