6 Landing on the Shore Occupied by Enemy

Landing on the Shore Occupied by Enemy

Posted on January 22, 2014 by team

Training in the Kaliningrad region – naval infantry soldiers land on the shore occupied by enemy.





via i-korotchenko

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6 responses to “Landing on the Shore Occupied by Enemy”

  1. Sandra Herrera says:

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  2. Sandra Herrera says:

    nice photographic

  3. john says:

    It’s good to see Russian military making a come back.LONG LIVE PUTIN.

  4. mitra says:

    Why wasn’t the T90 never used in the russian naval infantry training ?
    In this link:

    it said that the naval infantry will get the T90.

  5. Dan says:

    Nice photographs.
    The scenario and the tactics used by both defenders and attackers are totally obsolete. That kind of thing went out in 1942.
    The defenders would be destroyed by the pre-assault bombardment. The Japanese learned this by 1944.
    The attacking force cannot come in that close with ships. They have to remain out, over the horizon.

  6. tsapai says:

    Landing to occupie

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