13 Worlds Largest Aircraft

Worlds Largest Aircraft

Posted on January 21, 2014 by team

An-225 Mriya (which is referred to Dream from Ukrainian) is the heaviest airlift cargo aircraft ever taken off in the sky. The maximum takeoff weight makes 640 tons. An-225 was designed, due to the necessity to create the air transport system for the Soviet reusable Space Shuttle Buran. This is the only aircraft in the world.

The airplane was designed in USSR and manufactured by Kiev Mechanical Plant in 1988.

Mriya has set the absolute world record of takeoff weight and an airlifted total payload.
An-225 transported a payload of 156.3 tons on March 22, 1989 which broke 110 air world records. This has become a world record in its turn.

Since its launch the aircraft has logged 3740 flying hours. If the average flight speed is equal to about 500 km per hour (taking into account takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and approach to landing), it is possible to calculate approximate kilometer performance: 500 x 3740 = 1 870 000 km. It is more than 46 circles around the Earth at the equator.

The size of An-225 is impressive. It is 84-meter long and 18-meter high (like 6-stored house with 4 porches).

The obvious comparison of Mriya and Boeing-747.
If the largest Boeing 747-800 is taken as a basis, An-225 is 8-meter longer and its wingspan is 20-meter larger.

Compared to Airbus A380, Mriya is 11-meter longer, and its wingspan exceeds by 9 meters.

Sometimes it happens that there is no appropriate parking for such a huge airplane at an airport, and it is put right on the air strip. Of course, it refers to the secondary runway if there is one at an airport.

The wingspan constitutes 88.4 m and wing area is 905 m².

The Hughes H-4 Hercules is the only aircraft which has a greater wingspan than An-225 and is referred to the flying boats class. The airplane flew only once in 1947. The history of this aircraft is reflected in the film Aviator.

The aircraft was redesigned to fix cargo atop, as the Buran space shuttle and the Energia rocket’s boosters had the size exceeded the Mriya freight area. Besides, the aircraft was planned to be used as the first step to launch the shuttle.

The wake effect caused by oversize cargo mounted atop the aircraft required to set twin-finned tail to avoid aerodynamic shading.

The aircraft has six D-18T engines.
Every engine has the takeoff thrust of 23.4 tons (or 230 kN) meaning that the total thrust of all six engines constitutes 140.5 tons (1380kN).

It can be assumed that every engine has the takeoff power of about 12 500 hp!

An-225 has the same D-18T turbofans as An-124 Ruslan.
The height of an engine makes 3 m, width is 2.8 m and weight equals more than 4 tons.


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13 Responses to “Worlds Largest Aircraft”

  1. Stavros says:

    Smart flight crew – they work in Russian and English. I wonder if Antonov has plans to complete a second An-225 with a next generation aviation system.

  2. Dan says:

    soooo awesome!!!!!!!

  3. tony says:

    747 Freighters can be loaded from the front and have done so long before the An-225 was designed.

  4. john says:

    Great posting, very informative.

  5. pete says:

    Regarding tires and pressure: for comparison usual car tire pressure is 2.2 atmospheres, road racing bikes go to 10 and you do not want to be nearby when they go off the rim because of bad mounting ;)

  6. Keith says:

    Very interesting. I particularly liked the captions below the photographs.

    Too often I’m looking at photographs wondering what I am looking at. But not this time. Thank you.

  7. Johny_D says:

    Tank capacity constitutes 365 tons.”
    are you crazy ER? plane itself has a capacity of offtaking 158 mts! Should be 36.5 metric tons! Watch yrself!

  8. DoomDriver says:

    “Perhaps, this aircraft is one of the most beautiful and impressive airplanes in the world.”
    Beautiful certainly it isn’t but impressive is for sure!

  9. The Swirler says:

    Magnificent aircrft however, I find it to be cheating perspective by situating it in front of and to the side of a 747 far in the background to cause the plane to appear larger in comparisson than it actually is.

  10. Zoran says:

    Thank you for the captions, it was really interesting to read all about this beautiful airplane!

  11. B says:

    Amazing plane but Ekranoplans record takeoff weight still holds

  12. rascallyraven says:

    Truly a marvel of engineering ….. but also truly a White Elephant …. sorry folks but it does not make economic sense … military maybe … but economic…. no …… sad, because it is beautiful ….

  13. Jorge Diaz says:

    If the big bird is so good, why only one? A six man crew? Forgetaboutit.

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