4 Hot Night In Kiev

Hot Night In Kiev

Posted on January 21, 2014 by team

Sunday night, January 19, was especially hot in Kiev, Ukraine. Conflicts of oppositionists with police became very serious. Protestants were throwing stones, Molotov cocktails at policemen who were using stun grenades, rubber bullets, water cannons in response. The confrontation lasted all night long but it didn’t reveal winners yet.


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4 Responses to “Hot Night In Kiev”

  1. George says:

    shoot that guy with the home made mace….

  2. Jean says:

    The so called protesters are nothing more than terrorists and collaborators used by the Godless america and european community to destroy or destabilize Ukraine, WHY. So they can put their own agenda,(read Robbing, Childporn, Homosexuality, People trafficing, and on and on) Are Ukrainians so stupid or are they doing just as 75 year ago when the nazi,s where knocking on the door leading to massmurder on Ukrainian people. replacing the monster with the devil himself.

    • B says:

      100% truth

      If they are not paid then my guess is they are mislead with promises of good life. One has to be stupid, lazy and greedy to believe in fairytales. I saw on news one of the elder idiot saying (i want Eropeaaannnn life) as if Europe will all of a sudden give him golden house for free in his mind…..

    • MAXDMG says:

      Not all so stupid, Eastern Ukraine does not support the Maidan(but the President with the authorities, too, because they are absolutely insolent from corruption), unfortunately the most stupid people fall into the lens, unfortunately Nazism even after 70 years exists(

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