4 Going Back to the X Century

Going Back to the X Century

Posted on January 16, 2014 by team

One day of a guy whose name is Pavel (24) who decided to live without modern utilities and communications, in the old Russian style. With such a purpose he went to a remote place in Sergiev Posad, Russia.

Awakening in a cold house at 7:30.

Coal, flax-seed oil and a candle make a fire miracle.

Instead of warm socks…

Such a calendar-diary will help with time orientation.

It’s the 111th day Sergey has been here.

It’s as cold in here as outside.

He needs to wam up.

There will be a lot of smoke in the house – old Russian stove didn’t have chimneys.

Luckily, none of the hens have suffered from a fox-visitor this night.

Morning milking.

Now Sergey has to split some logs.

And bring some water home.

It is already warm inside but too smoky.

Sergey adds some berries and honey to the boiling water to make compote.

Drinking and singing – the morning is good enough.


It is becoming light outside so he has to start the more important work.

Checking the hens and sorting them out – layers are separated from the others who will be susequently killed and eaten.

Layers have softer stomachs, their sacrums are wider.

This one will become food very soon.

Making hay-forks.

Cleaning in the shed is to be done 1-2 times a week.

Bringing hay to the shed.

Layers need a lot of hay.

Normally chickens lay 4-6 eggs daily.

11:00. Sergey takes the spruce benches outside and the goats start eagerly eating them.

The way to the forest.

Splitting logs again.

Sergey needs warm water, his feet are cold – it is too bad to fall ill in the XX century!

1:30 p.m. The animals want to get something tasty.

He is going to cook some pottage and takes onions, dried mushrooms..

A couple of eggs and cereals. The dinner is ready in 20-30 minutes. After eating it is time to come back to the doomed chicken.

Every man should eat meat to be healthy and strong.

However there is no much meat here…

Moss will help to make the house warmer.

It will be used to block the cracks in the walls.

This process is long and hard.

Milking the goat again, this time it gives only 100 ml.

Now Sergey deserves to eat.

The cooked food seems to be very tasty.

Now he needs to wash his clothes.

Ordinary hot water may bring a lot of pleasure…

Already at 6:30 it becomes rather dark so he may prepare for sleeping and put his warm clothes off.

Anti-cold measures.

The animals are going to sleep too.

Sergey sleeps on the fur.

Another day is over. He says that his thoughts, world view and values have been changing, more than ever in this place he reflects upon perishable nature, meaningless life…

But soon his eyelids become too heavy and he falls asleep.

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4 Responses to “Going Back to the X Century”

  1. john says:

    It takes guts to live like that.Good luck to him.

  2. Stan says:

    BIG UP as much as I agree and support this guy in what he’s doing, I doubt I would be able to stick it out for long

  3. Jean says:

    This is rural life on its best. And completely normal 150 year ago.

  4. Leigh says:

    I think in a lot of ways, we (humans) should back track and go back to living simpler ways. I lived in the forest for a few years and it was very rewarding. It would be really good to get back to being more self sufficent. when ever you rely upon a system for fuel, water and food, you become enslaved to it. At the moment here in Australia we are watching the price of everything go up and up, and pay and employment getting less and less. I started planting a large garden again this year, so at least i can have fresh veges and herbs rather than have to pay for them at the shops (if they are even available.)

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