2 Custom Cars From Ukrainian Masters

Custom Cars From Ukrainian Masters

Posted on January 14, 2014 by team

Talented guys from Sevastopol, Ukraine, make custom cars practically from scratch. They use parts of various cars and body panels of their own design.

This roadster applies, for example, Mercedes undercarriage and engine, detachable roof of Fiat Barchetta.


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2 Responses to “Custom Cars From Ukrainian Masters”

  1. deutschrassig says:

    what a huge pile of shit.

    is there any explanation why they put the air filter, that needs cold air, next to the exhaust manifold, besides having no idea of car building and being drunk ?

  2. wnoma says:

    actually the mercedes stock filter is next to the exhaust manifold but the stock box is a bit big it won’t fit in that engine bay, so i think they just replaced to simple cone filter.

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