5 Infiltration to the Base of Doomed Planes

Infiltration to the Base of Doomed Planes

Posted on January 13, 2014 by team

Smuravyovo is one of the military airfields in the Pskov region, the regiment that used to locate there was disbanded in December 2009. What remained of the regiment is a military post where front-line bombers Su-24 are waiting for their end. We are going to infiltrate the base quietly through the central gates.

Aviation post Smuravyovo.


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  1. Jerry Cummings says:

    Any variable geometry (swing wing) aircraft can be a challenge to fly and maintain. You mentioned the accident rate of the SU-24 as being very high. Low level, long range, all-weather profiles challenge even the best pilots (U.S. Air Force F-111’s had a high accident rate in the beginning of its life. Modifications and crew training effectively effectively helped to reduce the mishap rate.)

  2. Hester says:

    Could someone translate this article into English?

  3. Freddy Freire says:

    Please recycle…

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    The Australians took their FB-111s and buried them.

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