5 Reactor Delivery: Unique Transport Operation

Reactor Delivery: Unique Transport Operation

Posted on January 8, 2014 by team

Pictures of another unique transport operation – a large-tonnage reactor of a three-storey bulding size was transported on a special train to the Achinsk refinery.

Hydrocracking reactors with mass 350-1300 tons each (total weight of the equipment exceeds 2,5 thousand tons) and with length of over 40 meters – for their transportation there was needed a specially created transport module consisting of 24 axis, 384 wheels.

The self-propelled platform overcame more than 210 km within several months – its average travelling speed was only 1,5 km/h. The height of the load was comparable with the height of a three-storey building, that is why along the whole way they had to demount all road signs and even to lift wires. The route was crossing fourteen rivers and creeks, two railroads. To let it move further they constructed temporary reinforced bridges and bypasses.


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5 Responses to “Reactor Delivery: Unique Transport Operation”

  1. Anastasios Chatziargiriou says:


  2. tadas says:

    Biggest and slowest RC car I’ve ever seen ;)

  3. john says:

    That’s one heck of a job.

  4. Monstro says:

    cargo exchange

  5. Frank says:

    a nightmare in route planning I don’t envy the guys responsible for the logistics.

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