7 New Year Celebration In the Exclusion Zone

New Year Celebration In the Exclusion Zone

Posted on January 8, 2014 by team

New Year celebration. Salads, guests, fireworks and TV watching again? Not this time! This time we are going to meet the new year 2014 in the exclusion zone, the dead city of Pripyat! Maybe it’s unethical towards those who used to live here, but on the other hand, someone will breathe life into this place again…


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7 Responses to “New Year Celebration In the Exclusion Zone”

  1. Mandea says:

    These fellows are looking for trouble. It is not called “exclusion zone” for nothing. I hope though radiation will not eventually kill them .

  2. ghost says:

    wow they totally touched everything that shudnt be touchd or even be close to , like them electroc cars or the wheel

  3. dolores says:

    It’s a shame that Pripyat is over-exploited now. I remember seeing TV news about Chernobyl when it happened, and watching the evacuations. All the people looked so anxious, lined up in queues for buses to leave, families with children, no luggage allowed. But it’s sad to see so many others now who take advantage of the evacuation, like they are exposing a forbidden mystery. It’s not. It’s actually many Pripyat peoples’ heartbreak. Respect it.

  4. LK says:

    How can they be this dumb? Background radiation there isnt going to kill them as it has settled down in the 30 years, but bathing in discarded gas masks? If only one of those was used directly near the reactor the dust would be radioactive enough to kill them or get them lung cancer. Also it is known the amusement park is one of the most irradiated place in Pripyat. And all for what? For some funny photos?

  5. mdfk says:

    Why do you expect to honor people’s memory, life and dignity from someone with hammer and sickle in logo? It’s not even funny. Why not put nazi swastika there? It’s the same.

  6. krystian says:

    Nice adventure :)

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