5 Trip to Baikal

Trip to Baikal

Posted on January 7, 2014 by team

A company of friends came to lake Baikal in August for fishing and good rest. Pictures of their trip are inside the post.


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5 Responses to “Trip to Baikal”

  1. blanquefort says:

    It had to be a perfect trip. I wish I`ll go there some time.

  2. randomBoy says:

    Stupid stupid pictures…

  3. Johny_D says:

    very relaxing

  4. arazahra says:

    wow i wish i can go for a vacation right now,

    p/s: the taller guy needs to put on some weight though, he is too skinny

  5. Jingy says:

    I would love to visit Lake Baikal. I bet they’ll never forget this trip. Who is the bearded gentleman?

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