11 Supersonic Figther MiG 31 BS 48

Supersonic Figther MiG 31 BS 48

Posted on January 1, 2014 by team

Another representative of MiG-31 family – MiG-31BS, a long-range supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor, the first Soviet combat aircraft of the fourth generation.

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11 Responses to “Supersonic Figther MiG 31 BS 48”

  1. Faith Gorodki says:

    Yet another Mig.

  2. tony says:

    Again. A reworked and old MiG-25. No stealth, no nothing and not even third generation.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Mig 25 stop used in late 80) Now Mig 31 has new engines, and many more, and they not used to battle with fighters, they must destroy supersonic bombers and recon aircrafts)

    • Brendan says:

      Well beyond 3rd generation, and if you look closely it’s nothing like the 3rd generation MiG-25. But yes, the MiG-31 is an old fighter designed in the 70s, and they never went through any major updates in that time due to the fall of the CCCP and the lack of funds. The blue bird next to it is an updated BM version, but those updates weren’t applied fleet wide. The Russian’s still fly the MiG-31s, even in their old configuration, because there isn’t another fighter in the world that has quite the same capability. It has a very big radar (big plane, big nose, big radar), the radar is a PESA design, which was very advanced for the 80s-90s, a forerunner to the modern AESAs. It also has a very long range active radar missile in the R-33. With the ability to target and shoot-down multiple low flying targets at long range. Combined with its ability to link with other MiG-31s or act as a mini-awacs for other fighters, the MiG-31 can patrol and protect large swaths of territory like no other fighter can. Coupled with a high top speed, the MiG-31 made the SR-71 obsolete. Once the MiG-31 came online and started intercepting the SR-71, the US stopped overflights of Soviet territory. While the MiG-25 had a higher top speed and could intercept the SR-71, the old MiG didn’t have a missile or radar to affect a shoot down with any degree of confidence.

  3. AyrtonO says:

    Have to say…poor pilots flying that antique technology will be slaughtered before they got even radar contact if ever facing F-22 or even F/A-18. Whatta crap (

    • MAXDMG says:

      This attack plane, and most fast plane on earth now…. They the task is destroing supersonic bombers, and other reconnaissance planes(even famous blackbird), and not fight with fighting planes, (f22 even can’t hold crusing speed of mig 35 without afterburner)….

    • Brendan says:

      I think you’d be surprised. You’ll see a fair number of old hornets look this old up close as well. And I think 1v1 the MiG will shoot down a F/A-18 long before the Hornet gets close enough to shoot back. The plane has a huge radar, and a very long range missile. Won’t turn and fight with a Hornet worth shit, but can sure intercept one in a hurry, and blast a couple from the beyond visual range.

  4. Denis says:

    They look quite miserable to me.

  5. EvilMonk says:

    Well, the F/A-18 maximum speed is mach 1.8 (1915 km/h) in Canada we have the CF-18 variant. The F22 Raptor maxumum speed is mach 2.25 (2410km/h) while the Mig 31 maximum speed is mach 2.83 (3000 km/h) so its still a lot faster than what we have.
    Even our CF-35 (F-35 Lightning II)maximum speed is mach 1.6 (1930km/h).

  6. Pedro says:

    Actually F-22 speed is classified and pilots aren’t allowed to fly at such high speeds because it would cause structural damages and reduce stealth RAM coating. (stealth that is very debatable since the plane without external missiles is worthless and with it it’s not stealth anymore)
    anyway, speed is not an issue. Russians have other planes that could do the same role of the Mig-31. When it was built it the 70s it would make sense but not now. SR-71 were retired in 1998. 16! years ago.

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