3 Have Nobody to Drink With? Drink With Any Crow!

Have Nobody to Drink With? Drink With Any Crow!

Did you know that a crow
could become a nice pal?
3 Church On the Rock

Church On the Rock

The Church of Ascension can be observed by those who go from Sevastopol to Yalta or back. It stands on the rock, at height of 472
meters above sea level. The history of the church is shrouded in mystery. Some pictures of the church are inside the post.
1 New Year In Soviet Moscow

New Year In Soviet Moscow

For many Russians New Year is associated with Moscow, to be more precise, with chimes of bells in the Kremlin's Spassky Tower. When people hear them
they make wishes, say goodbye to the past year and hope for good future. We want to show you how New Year was celebrated in Soviet Moscow.
2 Big Russian Metallurgical Complex

Big Russian Metallurgical Complex

Novolipetsk metallurgical complex is the third biggest complex of such type in Russia. It makes 17% of all Russian steel (twelve million tons annually), 21% of rolled metal, 55%
of rolled metal with polymeric coating. The complex located in Lipetsk, employs 30 000 people, the area of its territory is 28 km2, perimeter length - 38 km!

5 Silent Winter of Chernobyl

Silent Winter of Chernobyl

Winter in the silent Chernobyl
exclusion zone: some pacifying images.
0 Russian Street Art: Some Cool Examples

Russian Street Art: Some Cool Examples

Any dull city may become brighter if some creativity is applied.
Check out some brilliant examples of Russian street art.
1 Olympic Objects 2014 From Above

Olympic Objects 2014 From Above

You could already have seen Sochi Olympic objects on photos or TV, but
have you seen them from above? If you haven't, do it right now!

2 Interceptor MiG 25: Training Version

Interceptor MiG 25: Training Version

Many close up images of MiG-25PU - training
version of the gorgeous interceptor.

4 Christmas Moscow

Christmas Moscow

Moscow just yesterday. Looks rather European. Families are walking, playing
snowballs, taking photos, laughing... Such atmosphere is not typical for the dull

1 Russian Polar Night

Russian Polar Night

Several images of the polar night in Murmansk, the Russian northern city. Morning twilight slowly turns into the evening one. The sun does has not been showing from beyond the horizon since December 2nd. Citizens of the city will see it again only in
January, 11. The polar night in Murmansk lasts 40 days and in the period from the 19th to 25th of December there are only five day light hours. These pictures were taken with intervals of two or three hours to show you what a polar night is.

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