3 Most Famous Russian Baths

Most Famous Russian Baths

Posted on December 30, 2013 by team

Sandunovskiye baths are the most famous Russian baths, they appeared in Moscow in 1808. It was the second Moscow construction after the Kremlin illuminated by electric lamps. The baths had their own power station, their water was of the highest quality – artesian one. The baths employed 400 attendants andhad a restaurant, hotel and even a pet shop.

We are going to visit one of the baths’ section – man’s one, it’s the only section that still looks in the original way.

Sanduny 1808.



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  1. Ruksak says:

    Been there many times. Great place.

  2. Mandea says:

    Oh, no! Plastic doors and windows on such beautiful building.

  3. Cha says:

    Nice. I love saunas.. That retro looks good :)

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