6 Calendar From the Elite Group Alpha

Calendar From the Elite Group Alpha

Posted on December 26, 2013 by team

Special group Alpha, the officially named directorate “A” of the FSB Special Purpose Center, an elite, stand-alone sub-unit of Russia’s special forces, has presented their own calendar for the year 2014.


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6 Responses to “Calendar From the Elite Group Alpha”

  1. john says:

    top notch, very cool.

  2. MAXDMG says:

    Best of the best, many conter terrorist force can beats to SOBR, but only elite can do somthing like alfa and Vimpel team, best equipment, best training, a lot of experience in real battle, only 10 of 300 operatives can join this force, all of candidates wrom CT forces, SOBR, spetcnaz GRU,and others, best of them can join in this team…. Maybe it s better in the world….

  3. Eric Wiegerh says:

    That is a really nice calendar. Bet the printed/paper version looks awesome.

  4. Maxim says:

    Can russian own a firearm?

    • MAXDMG says:

      can, but only hunting rifles, or carabine(even it s saiga, or tigr(SVD), but pistols only non lethal traumatic…..

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