8 Dream University

Dream University

Posted on December 25, 2013 by team

One of the oldest classic universities in Ukraine (founded in 1875) and the symbol of Chernovtsi city. Every tourist who comes here should visit this place.

Isn’t it the place where everyone would like to studay at?

Location: Chernovtsi
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8 Responses to “Dream University”

  1. Adrian says:

    Cernăuţi is Romanian land stoled by the russians

  2. Barrie says:

    please stop the annoying voiceover adverts

  3. Jean says:

    Worth to steal it.

  4. CZenda says:

    Created by Czech architect and Maecenas Josef Hlávka. Included in UNESCO list of World Heritage.

  5. MAXDMG says:

    This lands always belonged to ukraine) And newer belonged romanian)

  6. Adrian says:

    When romanians populated this land ukraine didn’t even existed, and the russians were just some primitive tribes in the north-east of Europe.

  7. Marius Batca says:

    Dear MAXDMG, you are wrong!
    Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) was a Romanian city. Was part of the Kingdom of Romania between 1918-1940 and 1941-1944. Between 1359 and 1775, the city and its surroundings were part of the Principality of

    Moldavia, which created alongside Principality of Wallachia the Romanian State in 1859.
    In 1775, the northwestern part of the territory of Principality of Moldavia was annexed by the Habsburg Empire; this region became known as Bukovina. The northen part o the region (North Bukovina)

    belongs today to the Ukrainian state. The southern part of Bukovina it is in Romania.
    In 1812, the Russian Empire annexed Bessarabia (half of the Principality of Moldavia, the eastern part between rivers Prut and Dnister). Part of this this region it is today Republic of Moldova.
    In 1860, Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) had 9,177 Romanians and 4,133 Ukrainians. In the Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) suburbs lived 20,068 Romanians and 6,645 Ukrainians.
    In 1910, 13,440 (+ 18,060 in suburbs) Romanians and 15,254 (+ 22,351, in suburbs) Ukrainians.
    In 1930, the city reached a population of 112,400: 26.8% Jews, 23.2% Romanians, 20.8% Germans, 18.6% Ukrainians etc.
    Based on the last available Soviet data, the population of the city, as of January 1, 1989, was approximately 295,000 residents. Among these, there are some 172,000 Ukrainians, 46,000 Russians, 16,000

    Romanians, 13,000 Moldovans (romanian speaking), 7,000 Poles and others.
    According to the Ukrainian population census in 2001, the population of Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) was approximately 236,700 people of 65 nationalities.Among them, 189,000 (79.8%) are Ukrainians; 26,700

    (11.3%) Russians; 10,500 (4.4%) Romanians; 3,800 (1.6%) Moldovans (romanian speaking); 1,400 (0.6%) Polish; 1,300 (0.6%) Jews; 2,900 (1.2%) other nationalities.
    In 1875, when was created, the University of Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) had the name “Franz-Josefs Universität”.
    When Chernivtsi (Cernăuţi) was part of the Kingdom of Romania, the Univerity was called “Universitatea Regele Carol I din Cernăuţi” (King Carol I University from Chernivtsi).

  8. Zonda says:

    The present building dates from the years 1920-1922 University was built by the Government of Romania, yes.

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