4 Russian Ballistic System: Christmas Disguise

Russian Ballistic System: Christmas Disguise

Posted on December 23, 2013 by team

Christmas disguise of a Russian mobile theater ballistic missile system “Iskander”.


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4 Responses to “Russian Ballistic System: Christmas Disguise”

  1. Osip says:

    Nice camouflagings, but with the addition of tinsel only, it would be certain to fool NATO thermal targeters.

    • MAXDMG says:

      This thing needs that would launch missiles) Then if he survives return to the base) fortunately the missiles rather destructive and it is quite possible retaliation can never wait(given that the application uses poplars, silo-based missiles, submarines, and Iskander no more than a cherry on the cake)

  2. john says:


  3. Maxim says:

    Russia build massive military again.

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