3 Tireless Workers: Russian Trams

Tireless Workers: Russian Trams

Posted on December 16, 2013 by team

Some Russian trams are travelling in very interesting and often beautiful places. Rain or snow – they keep up working tirelessly in any season and weather. Some of them are hibitually passing impressive hydro power plants, others are going through the dense Russian forests…


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3 Responses to “Tireless Workers: Russian Trams”

  1. MB says:

    A quirky and quaint collection. If only we knew where they were – but then it wouldn’t be English Russia’s style to actually tell us!

  2. javox says:

    i looove tramsss cool post =)

  3. Leigh says:

    I want to desperatly fix some of that track work. I did some volinteering on a tourist railway a few years back and learned basic track repair, there are a few sections, that the rail has broken (you can see the sharp angle on the curves) The rail needs to be drilled, and plates attached so the curve stays curved. Thing is whith light rail, is you can get away with very rough track work, because its not carrying anything to heavy. Main line rail and it would cause a derailing. Great pictures by the way, thankyou!

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