5 Flying Over the Autumn Glades

Flying Over the Autumn Glades

Posted on December 16, 2013 by team


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5 Responses to “Flying Over the Autumn Glades”

  1. Nergol says:

    All American-built aircraft! A Bell JetRanger, a Cessna 172, a Piper Super Cub, and a Mooney!

  2. tony says:

    Interesting that all these flying machines are of American manufacture. The helicopter was built by Bell in Hurst, Texas. The Cessna 182 was built in Wichita, Kansas and the low-wing Mooney was built in Kerrville, Texas – about 100 kilometers from where I sit.

  3. Jean says:

    A bell 206, and a piper cherokee. Do you know that after WW2 former nazi,s were given jobs in the same factory,s. such as walther dornberger. Joke I suppose.

  4. MAXDMG says:

    Nice bell helicopter) I never seen theen thing in real life)In Moskow you may seen only KA 26 and MI8 choppers)

  5. Gianni says:

    This helicopter is not USA BELL industries, but the Italian AGUSTA. This Model is AGUSTA-BELL AB206C1. The Aircraft Flying in the ITALIAN ARMY AVIATION with the tail code EI 522 MM 80583 c/n 9006.

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