2 Unique Uzbek Knives

Unique Uzbek Knives

Posted on December 11, 2013 by team

Pichoq is a national Uzbek knife. Traditionally it has a wide carbon steel blade grinded from one side. Its handle can be made from a horn, bone, wood or a gemstone.  It is kept in a straight leather sheath.

Pichoq is rather popular in all Central Asia, only its ornaments and proportions may vary. We are going to visit one of the shops where such knives are made.

Tools in the shop.

The main workpiece is an automobile valve. Carbon steel knives are rather expensive. They can make a knife from damask too, but the price of such product will be even higher.

After forging knives get a handle from glass fibre, plexiglas, metak, horns, bones and undergo grinding.

After polishing they are often decorated with ornaments or inscriptions.

Each knife is covered with a layer of hot paraffine.

Now they need to cool down.

Such a special brush is used to apply a sketch which will turn into a picture or an inscription.


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  1. toloise says:

    beautiful art!
    I really have no idea that an automobile valve could be the base for such a knife

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