0 The Smiling Nuclear Icebreaker

The Smiling Nuclear Icebreaker

Posted on December 9, 2013 by team

Initially all icebreakers of “Arctic” series were painted yellow but it turned out they were not clearly seen from the air so the modern ships of this class are painted bright red or orange. Shark jaws appeared on the “Yamal” ship in 1994 when it started to take children from various countries to the North Pole under charity programs. To make the kids even happier they “made the ship smile”.

Such nuclear icebreakers have been used for tourist trips to the North Pole since 1989, a three weeks cruise costs $25000.

The ship “October Revolution” was built in 1986, renamed into “Yamal” and launched in 1992. It’s the tweflth ship that reached the North Pole. Generally it sailed there 39 times.

“Yamal” can go through the ice 2,3–2,5 m thick.

There are two 1000m3 tanks in the fore and after part of the ship, pumping water alternately into one and the other tank may rock the ship and set it free from the ice captivity.

Displacement – 23500 tons, length – 150 m, width – 30 m, draft – 11, two masts – 44 and 55 m, two 75 000 hp reactors. The crew of the vessel – 150 members, passengers – 100.

Tanker “Vladimir Tikhonov” is following icebreakers “50th Anniversary of the Victory” and “Yamal”.

It can break ice both moving forward and backward.

“Yamal” carries one Mi-8T helicopter, some boats. It has satellite systems providing navigation, telephone connection, fax, Internet. On the vessel are a big canteen, a library, a passenger hall, a volleyball court, a sauna, a hospital and a heated pool.


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