4 The Secret Space Hangar, Part II

The Secret Space Hangar, Part II

Posted on December 9, 2013 by team

More pictures from the secret space hangar of the research and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin.

The building of the research and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin that operates in various fields – aircraft construction  (1937-1959), rocket production (1950-1964) and space construction (starting from 1965).

One-motor fighter La-5 made under auspices of S. Lavochkin in 1942. Such aircrafts were among the main combat units of the Soviet fighter aviation in the war time.

Many vehicles are under repair.

The functional model of “Lunokhod-2″ – for the four months of its work it overcame 42 kilometres and sent 86 panoramas and 80 000 photos to the Earth.

The first traces on the Earth.

Another exhibited moonwalker.

The model of the descent module “Apollo” created according to the drawings and pictures found in the Internet.

In 1961-1984 Soviet engineers built three generations of automatic space stations for research of the Venus surface.


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  1. Kalyméro says:

    hi, this building isn’t in M.A.I ? (i’m french & during my studies in 1992 at Moscow, i was in M.A.I so i had seen a lot of this landing/space vehicle )

  2. rb says:

    Russia has given the world many things and what has the world given back to Russia?

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