6 Morning In Kirghizia

Morning In Kirghizia

Posted on December 4, 2013 by team

Very beautiful sunrise and morning photographed in Kirghizia.

via chistoprudov

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6 Responses to “Morning In Kirghizia”

  1. John Zehrbach says:

    I am amazed how much of Russia looks just like the US. These could be pictures of the Rockies.

  2. Mitro says:

    When I look at the street in the very bottom picture, I can see the fuel waste and wasting time when I drive my car in the street.
    Because the street is not short but long like ‘S’ character. Where is the civil engineer in this country ? don’t they have any good idea to short the street length ?

  3. ///s/// says:

    The bends are to accommodate the very steep gradient.

  4. Uncle Bill says:

    @Mitro, it’s called a switchback. The road is actually designed that way to make it easier for people to travel up steep hills which many vehicles would have issues with.

  5. Changgulu says:

    Kyrgyzia is a wonderful country of nomads. Landscapes are so amazing and various. It’s a paradise for trekkers and alpinists. So many virgin peaks around you! 90% of the country is higher than 1500 meters altitude. 60% higher than 3000 meters. local information website http://www.nomadsland.kg

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