6 Lunokhod: Soviet Moonwalker

Lunokhod: Soviet Moonwalker

Posted on December 3, 2013 by team

It is obvious that the main symbol of the USSR was Space. When we speak about the Soviet Union we usually remember the first sattellites with four antennas, smile of Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, the metal cylinder on eight wheels – Lunokhod… Little boys were dreaming about space and often tried to make their own moonwalkers, they didn’t know that the Moon was already conquered by Americans thrice.

Some of those boys never stopped dreaming. Such people created a wonderful museum we are going to visit again today – the research and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin.

Lunokhod-3 in its landing configuration, a moment before touching the surface of the Moon with its wheels.

View from another side.

Self-propelled chassis of the Lunokhod.

Sealed body of the Lunokhod is the major component of the construction, it serves for placement of onboard systems equipment and their protection from environmental impacts. The body is made from magnesium alloys for the decreased mass and covered with heat-insulating coating which is 20 cm thick.

Highly steerable antenna served for communication with the Earth.

Television system of the Lunokhod 3 (Hello Wall-e!) was stereoscopic. It was considerably improved compared to its predecessors.

The upper surface of the body is used as a cooling and heating device of the temperature control system. At night it was closed by the cover with a solar battery for heat retention. That cover was the brightest detail of the Lunokhod’s design.

The lander was based on the combination of four major spherical fuel tanks.

On the lander were antennas for communication with the Earth, radio altermeter, Doppler and landing device. The Lunokhod itself was reliably secured by explosive attachments.

Folding ramps for sliding of the Lunokhod on the Monn surface.

For equipment heating a radioisotope heat source was applied. It contained ampoules with polonium-210.

“Leg” of the landing module touched the Moon first.

Functional model of Lunokhod undergoes training on the imitated lunar soil.

The crew of the Lunokhod consisted of eleven members.

Lunokhods control centre.

One of the first operators of Lunokhod – Vyacheslav Dovgan’.

They plan to make a whole lunardrome here.

It was only one of the museum exhibits, but there are many more that deserve your attention!

via pkk-avia

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6 Responses to “Lunokhod: Soviet Moonwalker”

  1. moonmartin says:

    ” they didn’t know that the Moon was already conquered by Americans thrice”

    -Was it? The American space project was a string of costly and deadly fiascos up until they suddenly, just like that, “landed on the Moon”. Much could have continued going wrong but just like 9/11, it was immediately aired round the world, to make sure that nobody missed the “historic” propaganda event…

    • Chris says:

      Exactly — even TV shows at the time, such as the Dick Van Dyke Show, made light of the fact that the US papers kept promoting the space program and kept insisting that the USA had CONQUERED the moon. There are two reasons behind the propaganda event: one, USA was in a cold war race with the USSR and had to keep up appearances; and two, Kennedy (or rather, the government) needed to filter money into the military channels to fund a war — a war that was to become the infamous Vietnam war — and using a space program was a great excuse, besides it made for better publicity than the wars and the rebellious pacifist riots that were slowly raising tensions within the nation.

      On a different note, I had visited this museum, and it was absolutely terrific and fabolous and phenomenal and a bunch of other things. I absolutely loved it, and I might visit it again sometime. Especially a must for any sci-fi fan :D

  2. john says:

    good posting, with humour.

  3. dana says:

    regarding the Moon…its a joke,and i hope you have the sense of humor
    so…the russians painted the Moon in red,and then the americans came and they wrote on the Moon”coke”

  4. kraken says:

    Main symbols of CCCP were:
    1) SlAVERY
    2) POVERTY
    3) GULAGS
    4) HUNGER
    5) TYRANY

    Thats why it was called an empire of evil or prison of nations.

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