2 Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Prohibition to enter any buildings in Pripyat came into action just several years ago. And city patrols strictly enforce it. Such measures are justify - it is not safe to be
inside these houses anymore. Without people they keep decaying. However closed doors exist for opening them. So we are going to visit some of Pripyat houses right now.
0 In the Airport Pulkovo

In the Airport Pulkovo

Some picture from Pulkovo airport in
Saint-Petersburg where a new terminal is being
Red Caviar 6 21
4 Making the Perfect Delicacy: Red Caviar

Making the Perfect Delicacy: Red Caviar

In Kamchatka red caviar is like gold. Not so long ago poachers made 10-20 tons of red caviar out of salmon roe in one working season. In non-industrial scale caviar is made manually and the whole process does not take longer than a couple of hours, starting from catching and finishing with drying of ready caviar. In fact fresh caviar does not even resemble that one you
usually see in a store because it has not been processed with various chemicals or frozen, no preservatives have been added. Fish eggs are bright and dense, they have elastic shells and are still easily bitten as opposed to fake caviar. And its taste is very enjoyable! Right now you are going to see how caviar of coho salmon is made.
5 Unloading Luggage In the Airport of Saint Petersburg

Unloading Luggage In the Airport of Saint Petersburg

Just an ordinary day in the airport of Pulkovo, Saint-Petersburg. Luggage being unloaded. Here's why you'd better not
check in any luggage containing photo devices, laptops etc. How does it happen in your city? Is it a global problem?
1 Photo Artist Perfectly Depicting Rain

Photo Artist Perfectly Depicting Rain

Eduard Gordeev is a photo artist who takes pictures of different landscapes: classic ones, images with strict lines depicting nature, monasteries and
cityscapes. The author is obviously interested in impressionism and likes to take photos in rainy weather, they appear to be bright and never depressing.

1 Siberian City From Above

Siberian City From Above

Barnaul is an administrative center of the Altai region. It is located in the south of West Siberia 229 km away from
Novosibirsk. Its population amounts to 691 thousand today. Barnaul is one of the twenty biggest cities of Russia.

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