4 Two Missiles, Two Fates

Two Missiles, Two Fates

Posted on November 29, 2013 by team

A photo story of two missiles whose destiny was to become a monument and a museum exhibit.

This one (on the picture above), R-13, stands in Severomorsk, Russia. It’s a Soviet liquid-fuelled single-stage ballistic missile.

It was used to make the only one Soviet launch of a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead from the submarine.

You can see that the missile is in a poor condition.


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4 Responses to “Two Missiles, Two Fates”

  1. arazahra says:

    Russia’s version of obelisk

  2. oldeafcoot says:

    The missile in the museum is happy! It is warm and dry. It wishes that it could fly through the air and come crashing down on some capitalist country in a thermonuclear fireball, but at least people come to see it and pet it.
    Meanwhile, it’s thousands of brothers sit in silos and in submarine launch tubes around the world ready to carry out their assigned missions. That is why we are happy!

  3. tony says:

    This missile could only be launched from the surface. The first missile launched from a submerged sub was the USA’s Polaris.

  4. George says:

    Complex D-1 must have had some people sweating.

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