20 Weird Side of the Russian Church

Weird Side of the Russian Church

Posted on November 28, 2013 by team


These pictures are hard to explain. But we publish them because they can make you smile.



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20 Responses to “Weird Side of the Russian Church”

  1. d says:

    Standard religion-grade crazy.

  2. masa says:

    crazy hahaahah bear picture, insane..

  3. Douglas says:

    Lovely photos…please show us more of the churches and the religious of Russia.

  4. Tom says:

    What is weird about the wedding shot? Or your just ignorant about weddings?

  5. Mike says:

    Blessing of the sausages, very common in northern Minnesota…

  6. Anastasios Chatziargiriou says:

    I like it

  7. dolores says:

    Nothing like a sacramental selfie! But yes, those pictures are hard to explain without context. :)

  8. someguy says:

    I think the weird thing about the wedding is that you can see the girl’s underwear through her dress.

  9. MuaTomala says:

    Tom, look better at bride.

    Religion is just crazy, photos are the consequences…

  10. marian says:

    @Tom: the bride’s dress, or underwear – does not suito the ceremony, does it?

  11. noname says:

    Wait a minute. In russia citizens are not allowed to own firearms (other than hunting rifles if you have hunting license). Why do those guys have AKs?

  12. Vlad says:

    Tom, the bride is wearing stockings.

  13. Hinterland says:

    toys ?……

  14. Jean says:

    Common life as was practized also in europe before the americans came.

  15. Hell says:

    orthodox priests are wierd, are tiefs……

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