14 Post Soviet Existance of the Northern City

Post Soviet Existance of the Northern City

Posted on November 28, 2013 by team

Amderma had been one of the big Soviet fluorite deposits before WWII. After the war many more deposits were found and this one was closed. But instead it started to develop as a base for the Arctic region research. They built a bigger airport and in the 60s the new radar station P-70 Lena-M was constructed near the settlement whose population reached 15000 people then. Everything started to decay after the collapse of the USSR. Today the number of people living here is equal to 350 only…

One can get to Amderma only by plane An-24.

That yellow building is the airport.

There are plenty of empty tanks here, big and small, they were used for diesel fuel.

High piles of metal scrap.

Some examples are rather interesting – some foreign crane or a wing of a plane. There is even a small cemetery of aircrafts here.

Like it is often done in the north, the houses are painted brightly.

Most of them are abandoned.

Amderma is situated in the permafrost zone so all buildings stand on piles. In summer the soil in many places becomes swampy.

Some of the houses were destructed by earth movement. They either collapsed or stand full of cracks.

Though some houses have been restored and painted. They have a kindergarten, two schools and a gym.

Monument to those locals who died in the time of the war.

Monument to the Mig-17.

This one is assembled from metal sheets, it’s not real.

Soviet posters and slogans… (“Kindergarten”).

Lenin St., 13.

Polyarnaya St., 13.

Polar station Amderma founded in 1933.

The former weather station.

The ruined industrial zone of Amderma – territory of the fluorite extracting company of the 80s.

Permafrost research laboratory. Closed, as you can see. Its equipment is still preserved but its mine was flooded and got frozen.

There are many crawler vehicles in the settlement. The wheeled ones do not suit the place. When no vehicles can be used, they use deer.

There are so many cats here! And some dogs can even drive! The biggest animal that can be met in Amderma is a polar bear.

Does Amderma have future? Probably it does. It won’t be the military one, but sooner extracting. If the local oil and gas shelf starts to be developed, people will come back here and bring life back again.

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14 Responses to “Post Soviet Existance of the Northern City”

  1. Rascallyraven says:

    It is sad to see …. Mother Russia does not suffer fools ….easily …. still, soooo many dreams died in the service of a better good ….. sad…

  2. janus says:

    anything associated with Russian & communism is a shitholes… Thanks God we succeed keeping communism at bay

  3. Art says:

    Thanks for this, raises contradicting, mixed feelings. It’s beautifully ugly if I can say so. This town has certainly moved Pripyat to 2nd place as the most depressing and melancholic place for me. Fair play to people who live there…

  4. dolores says:

    Awesome! This why I love English Russia. The insight into things we didn’t know is better than The National Geographic. That photography is superb, the photographer did a great job. Would be interested in more commentary about the subjects.

  5. Zapadny says:

    Very sad, best days are over. Why loose all that? For What? Slava to the old times, slava to the great Russia soul and, please, resist to the western poison.

  6. Osip says:

    What a spit hole.

  7. Bill says:

    More interesting stuff from Russia. Good work.

  8. asdfa says:

    This should be in a DLC of Borderlands 2..

  9. lalala says:

    That Foreign crane is a East German made one.

  10. Jean says:

    Better than any painting, and look at those Cats the best of the best.

  11. ron rankin says:

    They could have a booming economy for a couple years just collecting and selling scrap metal.

  12. Canuckist says:

    The “communism in Detroit” comment made me LOL.
    I love these great series like this. I like commentary direct-from-source, rather than filtered through layers of media. I want to hear about countries ‘from the horse’s mouth’, not some polished tourist piece. Love English Russia for bringing this view of our polar neighbours.

  13. Slaven says:

    Gorbachev managed to ruin the whole fucking country and nobody did anything. What a shameful time for Russia an ex-Soviet people. You could not organized one assasination that really matter life and death.

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