4 Gas Production In the North

Gas Production In the North

Posted on November 28, 2013 by team

High North again. The place which is too cold for living but so nice to be visited again for a short time. Today we are here to visit the Bovanenkovskoye field.

Emergency control panel.

Duty operators control gas extraction and its supply to the big land.

Here the gas undergoes purification.

There is much snow here.

All vehicles are equipped with spark-arrestors on exhaust pipes.

On Yamal peninsula winter lasts 8-9 months. And it’s very cold. But the field has to work in any weather.

Gas booster station. The pressure of the gas is increased before sending it to a customer.

Then it starts heating and needs to be cooled down. Special cooling equipment is used for that. Even in such cold zone they have to struggle with the heat!

Freon tubes and other equipment.

Thermal stabilization device that cools the wellhead because the temperature of the gas is higher that the surrounding ice.

They daily check the equipment and control the level of the snow.

Helicopter transportation.

This airport is one of the few put into operation in modern Russia.

The flight to the big land takes four hours.

When the weather is good the airport may accept and send up to twenty two helicopters daily. But the wor is complicated by the short light days and long nights.

Mi-8 is going to perform a control flight over the field.

The length of the air strip is 2625 meters. Despite the fact planes do not fly here now, it is in an ideal condition. Amazing order and discipline. The north never forgives slovenliness.

The airport and the air strip were built in the permafrost zone. The applied the newest materials for thermal stabilization of the soil under the strip.

Karskaya station of the northernmost railway.

Bovanenkovo is the largest gas and condensate field of Yamal peninsula. It is situated in the east of the peninsular, 40 km away from the Kara Sea. The reserves of the field amount to almost five trillions cubic metres.

The field was opened in 1971 and only in October 2012 they started the gas production.

Do you see the line of containers on the left? They form a protective wall against snow. Behind them is the frozen river.

There are about 600 people working in the rotational camp, their number will grow to 1800 and more.

The field is fully independant. It has a power station, water intake and purification facilities. Gas is the main fuel.

The industrial development of Bovanenkovo will let to reach the volume of the produced gas to 115 billion m3 annually. It’s approximately 1/6 of all gas production in all Russia.

The wells observed from the air.

People work here on a rotating scheme.

Today they have 150 functional wells, this number is going to grow to 775!

Bovanenkovo is a big autonomous city which is still being built. And it’s only one of the fields found on Yamal.

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    excellent posting.

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  3. Hinter says:

    Modern and efficient plant.
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    Modern and efficient plant. but when the gas will end ???…..armies and energy industry always leave wreckage but no money. Another place of the earth will become open sewer…:-((

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