4 Russian Museum of Long Range Aviation

Russian Museum of Long Range Aviation

Posted on November 27, 2013 by team

We are happy to be back at the Dyagilevo Museum of Long-Aviation. Unfortunately it is prohibited to get inside the planes but we can observe them on the open site as well as some missiles located there too.


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4 Responses to “Russian Museum of Long Range Aviation”

  1. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Nice post. But, without captions most of it’s quite meaningless.

  2. Bill says:

    Love the photos of the classic Russian aircraft. Great machines.

  3. thatdeadguy says:

    Great aircraft, sad that they are left outside to rot. In 20 years your history will be lost to the elements.

  4. B says:

    Long range aviation is badassssssss

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