4 Modern Movies and Old Posters

Modern Movies and Old Posters

Posted on November 27, 2013 by team

Many pre-revolutionar movie posters arouse even more interest today. But what if they underwent a modern remake? For example the poster above is for “Terminator: Second Coming”

“Only in cinematic salons: Animal Beavior”.

Star wars.

The Ring. A guy and a girl will be scared.

The epee.

Numeric array. Revolution. The main thing is to realize that the chair doesn’t exist. As a class. Mister Messing.

The Evil Dead. “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

Star Wars. Episode 5.


“This entertainment is not for any gentleman!”

Some like it hot.

Gosh, what a naive boy you are!

Lovelace. Who do the best ballerinas of St. Petersburg want?

Iron Man. Two acts of the incredible drama!

Breaking Bad. In the memory of D. I. Mendeleev.

Reservoir Dogs.

Apollo 11.

The Minor. The way there and back.

Iron Gendarme.

The Legend of Hulk.

It. The horror movie.

Mechanical murderer. The second coming.

Saw III.

Dashing Maxim.

Mosquitto. The fiction film.

The piston mechanism.

Jean-Claude Van Damm starring in the movie “Indochinese boxer”.

House M.D.

The Big Bang Theory, comedy in seven seasons.

Leonid. In exile he became a hired assassin.

I Am Legend. The drama of one man.

Django Unchained.

Nicholas Cage. Con Air.

Health of a fine fellow.

Maxim. The truth about the ladies in the troops of Atlanta.

Contact. Unknown creatures are already here.

Ocean’s Eleven. Or a bit more.

Phantasmagoria – Scarlett engineer.

Criminal fiction. In the cinemas of Saint-Petersburg soon.

The Green Mile. How long you can be!

Th English fight club.

Year One.

The Fast and the Furious 3: Moscow traffic jams.

Time for pleasures.

Twilight. New moon.

Tennage mutant ninja turtles.

Lost. The finale.

The Ghost Rider.

Sons of Monarchy.

The Samsonovs.


Scent of a Woman.

The ghost rider. He sold his soul for love.

Japanese fairy tale TONARI NO TOTORO.

Free Willy. The saga of a boy and a whale-killer.

Policeman. Steam powered. Half man, half steam boiler, gendarme with all his soul!


Kuban Cossacks.

Good Morning, Port Arthur!

The new adventures of the boy who managed to survive.

Tea and tobacco. A book of short stories.

Daddy, play a good game with me.

Slumdog Millionaire.

Black Swan.

“Watch in the movie theaters! Mechanical murderer. The second coming”.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Coffee (with chiccory) and tabacco.

Winter is coming.

Why are you so serious?

Secret manuscripts.

Drama “Theif”.

Home doctor.

Deep emotions. Alexandra Serova and big hats.

The Highlander.

A Dangerous Method.

Silent Hill. Enjoy the silence.

Mrs. And Mr. Smith.

Home Barber from the river station.

Anthracite knight.

Pearl Harbor.

Iron Man.

The Hills Have Eyes. Be happy to see it first.

The Big Lebowski.

The Game of Thrones.

Brokeback Mountain.

The Expendables.

Frankenstein. Act 7.

The day of abolition of serfdom.

The Game of Thrones. White riders.

The Game of Thrones.


Union County jail.

Point Break.

Star Wars. The Emperor’s walking mechanism.

Bicentennial Man.

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.


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4 Responses to “Modern Movies and Old Posters”

  1. Barbar says:

    “Animal Beavior” is Basic Instinct
    “The Epee” is Machete
    “Numeric Array” is the Matrix
    “Commander” is the Commando
    “Lovelace” is a Playboy magazine
    “The Minor” is the Hobbit, or There and Back Again
    “Dashing Maxim” is the Mad Max 2, the Road Warrior
    “Leonid” is Léon (The Professional)
    “Contact” is the E.T.
    “Criminal fiction” is the Pulp Fiction
    “The Samsonovs” is the Simpsons, 23 seasons
    “Good Morning, Port Arthur!” is Good Morning, Vietnam
    “Home Barber…” is the The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    “Fatal fight of the Rozovs spouses” is the War of the Roses

  2. Wideorange says:

    “Numeric array” is “Matrix”, man.

  3. Wideorange says:

    Commander = Commando
    Iron Gendarme = Robocop
    Mosquitto = The Fly
    Health of a fine fellow = Men’s health
    Anthracite knight = Batman, Dark Knight

  4. Test Rest says:

    I cannot believe you made such translations for some of the movie names!
    “Coffee and cigarettes”.
    “The war of the Roses”.

    It worth to watch movies as well :-)

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