1 At the Old Weather Station

At the Old Weather Station

Posted on November 27, 2013 by team

This weather station is one of the oldest in the Lipetsk region of Russia. They started to watch the weather here more than 120 years ago. We are going to visit it today.

The weather station repeatedly changed its location. In this house it’s been located since 1957.

Meteorologists are examining the state of the weather, temperature, speed and direction of the wind, atmosphere pressure, visibility, humidity, amount of presipitation. The received information is provided to the Center for Hydrometeorology of Kursk.

The benchmark station has vrious meteorological instruments.

These ones serve to measure the temperature of soil at different depths.

Weather sheck intended to protect the devices from impact of prcipitation, wind, solar radiation.

The weather shack is made from wood and painted white for better reflection of sun rays and lower heating. Its walls are made like louvers for ventilation. The weather shack is lifted over the ground for two meters. It is usually used to contain a hygrometer – device for measuring air humudity and a thermograph – a device recording changes in air temperature.

Thermometers for measuring soil surface temperature operate on a grassless site.

Ombrometer of Tretyakov – the device for measuring an amount of precipitation. The “vessel” of the device is protected from the wind by metal “petals”.

On these masts are the devices monitoring the wind.

Wild’s anemometer is a must have device of any weather station. Today it’s mostly used as an auxiliary one.

Anemorumbometer is used for remote measuring of wind speed and direction. Quite a reliable and accurate device  that works in any weather.


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