12 Yesterday Manifestation In Kiev

Yesterday Manifestation In Kiev

Posted on November 25, 2013 by team

It was the biggest manifestation in Kiev since 2004. 200 thousand of participants who want Ukraine to join the European Union.

Location: Kiev

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12 Responses to “Yesterday Manifestation In Kiev”

  1. Vegeta says:

    Stupid Ukrainians,do you want a colony of EU?

  2. nekkor says:

    Brainwashed people…

  3. Txuben says:

    La Unión Europea no es la salvación, a los ucranianos que lean les digo que miren como estamos en España, Grecia, Italia, Portugal e Irlanda. La Unión Europea ha eliminado nuestra soberania, son ellos los que han desmantelado nuestras industrias mendiante acuerdos y pactos, y son ellos los que dirigen nuestra economía permitiendo que nuestros gobiernos recorten discriminadamente en la educacion y la sanidad publicas, y en los servicios sociales. Son ellos los que ya ni siguiera nos dejan aplicar nuestras leyes y nos obligan a liberar de las carceles a terroristas, asesinos y violadores sexuales. Es la misma Unión Europea que ha permitido en Grecia la censura de su principal canal informativo, que permite y consiente que grupos de neonazis anden por sus calles promoviendo la intolerancia racial, la violencia y el miedo entre los ciudadanos honrados. Puedo decirles muchas mas cosas negativas sobre la Unión Europea, pero esto creo que ya es suficiemte para comprender que Bruselas no son vuestros amigos, son vuestros enemigos, y atacarán a vuestra ecomomía ejerciendo de bancos usureros, y para ello os engatusarán y os convencerán con carreteras, puentes y otras infraestructaras, que contemplareis mientras a vuestra espalda Ucrania desmantelará su industria a favor de Alemania.

  4. lol lol says:

    welcome in EU who car 90% of EU money get wrong way in wrong hands but you will fell free to travel

  5. Alberto says:

    Ukrainian people does not have any kind of brainwashed problem. Just they don’t want to stay with Russia. After the independence Russia tried to keep with it all ex Soviet Republics, and always doing awful agreements with all the countries full of lies. First with the failed CIS where all the countries started to leave the union because of Russia. For example Ukraine buy more expensive gas and oil from Russia than Germany, but they have a commercial agreement on that. Ukraine exports a lot of goods, food, cereals and even technology to Russia. Russia only exports raw material, and one day they will run down. Who wants a trade agreement, Russia or Ukraine?

    It’s not a problem about being with EU, it’s a problem about quality of life and economy. In all planet is crisis, not only Europe. Russia now only gives problems and bad relations because of its government. Even now Russia wants require a passport and visa for Ukrainian citizens to enter in the country.

    I think all Ukrainian would like to keep good relations with Russia and with Europe too, but not being a ‘slave’. They are Ukrainian and they cannot keep the calm. I would like Russian people can protest too against their government in freedom, not like now.

  6. CZenda says:

    Being in EU is surely not a free ticket to paradise, but it is incomparably better than becoming a puppet state controlled from Putinstan (which is what The Evil Dwarf from Kremlin envisions).

    • B says:

      Of couse…l Putin also has a coldrun and at night he kills babies

    • Gazza says:

      First “Evil Dwarf” I have come across who has consistently won freely held democratic elections. That is what really burns you russophobes is it not? Putin is a hard-liners at protecting Russias interests against western political and economic penetration, and no matter the lies that US/EU leaders tell, the Russian public support Putin and reward him with their vote.

      Guess what buddy? Putin is in power (and will be for many years yet) and there is nothing that you can do about it :-)

  7. Cory says:

    They apparently dont know that EU sux!
    EU want to control everything.
    I hope my country will leave EU.

  8. Gazza says:

    Brainwashed clowns. EU beaurecrats came with empty hands and expected Ukraine to obey its imperial diktat an sign up. No economic aid, no purchase orders, no gifts, they offered zip. Russia is Ukraines No1 trade partner and supplier of (cheaper than market) energy and has a lot to offer. This “treaty” was just a geo-political ploy by Brussels for the EU to expand eastwards at the expense of the Ukraine people and Russia in general.

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