0 Secret Hangar 18

Secret Hangar 18

Posted on November 25, 2013 by team

The research and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin has been bringing all Soviet and Russian interplanetary missions to life since 1965. And it functions within the security system, of course. The association has a museum and an interesting object which is called “Hangar 18″. This very object is the very place we are going to right now.

The models stored here are not real, but nearly all of them contain original elements of real space vehicles.

Orbital and descent modules Apollo – the full size modelsbeing created right here.

Descent capsule of Y. Gagarin being restored.

Full-size automatic interplanetary stations stand at the walls. “Luna-24″ is mostly worth attention due to its unusual drilling device which was used to extract lunar soil from the depth of two meters.

Its predecessors could not dig so deeply.

Soviet (Russian) – European astrophysical observatory “Granat” that was being in use since 1989 to 1998.

The upper part of the telescope has been dismatled, otherwise they would need to make a hole in the ceiling…

Moonbuggy – (American moonwalker of the Apollo program).

The vehicle still needs some improvement.

Landers “Venera 7″, “Venera-13″.

“Venera 7″ has undergone many hard trials.


It managed to carry out unique for that time observations to unlock the secrets of the legendary comet that had been scaring earthlings for centuries.

“Venera 15″ is too high for the hangar too.

Fully equipped “Mars-3″.

“Lunokhod-2″ – a functional but yet incomplete model.

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