2 Armored Car IVECO Lynx

Armored Car IVECO Lynx

Posted on November 25, 2013 by team

“IVECO Rys” (“Lynx”) based on KAMAZ is intended to fulfill combat tasks of various troops and power structures and to carry light systems of weapons, communication and military equipment.

For the ten years of its operation there have been carried out twenty eight demostration explosions and approximately ten units of “Lynx” were exploded by the enemy in the combat conditions.

An accident when people died happened only once – In June 2011, the vehicle was exploded by hitmen in Afghanistan.


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  1. Stavros says:

    Very impressive. The design changes and improvements in former Soviet brands like Kamaz into distinctive Russian vehicles both stylish and of high quality. Good work – it raises the standard for other brands to work hard to keep up.

  2. kwhunter says:

    IVECO?! Is IVECO a Russian brand now?!?!?!

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