3 One Very Old City of Russia

One Very Old City of Russia

Posted on November 20, 2013 by team

This city of the Kaluga region is one year older than Moscow (at least it is considered to be). Kozelsk was built on the site of an ancient settlement of the Slavs-Viatichi. It has a rich military history from the Tatar-Mongol yoke in the XIII century to WWII. We are going to spend one dull day in this city.

“Kozelsk”, Welcome!


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3 Responses to “One Very Old City of Russia”

  1. bfyltz says:

    Who says it is dull. My guess is that the people there make their own fun which is IMO the best kind. There is probably a great sense of community. The big city can be a very lonely place.

  2. MB says:

    How is it there are beautiful old buildings shown in the very last pic but with one or two exceptions they are not shown individually in other pics?

  3. Bobble Hat says:

    When a guidebook (for example) says ‘There’s nothing to see there’ that always tells you it will actually be quite interesting, because there’s no touristic influence. You will find a real place, full of real people with real lives, and no damned tourists! And that I find very interesting, like this city shown here. Great photoset!

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