8 Children of the Soviet Past

Children of the Soviet Past

Posted on November 18, 2013 by team

Touching pictures of Soviet children: serious, smiling, playing ones…


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8 Responses to “Children of the Soviet Past”

  1. javox says:

    trully touchin pictures, i really like them =)

  2. Diogo Terra says:

    Were they happier than today’s children?

  3. George says:

    With some of the younger girls in the first photo’s, it looks like they were suffering with lice because their hair was cut short. Little girls, normally have long hair. When they get lice, you cut it all off.

  4. benzin says:

    Titans Grundstücken

  5. Child of CCCP says:

    The kringle she’s holding is/was called “bublik” and was a form of sweed bread that was appriacated by children.

  6. Child of CCCP says:

    And the picture with girls jumping in beds is most likely a daycare (or most likely week/monthcare) kindergardern. Usually the children will get punished for such behavior as they show.

    The colored photo is propably from the very late 70’s or 80’s since it’s in color

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