5 Soldier Eats a Live Mouse!

Soldier Eats a Live Mouse!

Posted on November 15, 2013 by team


This soldier will never die from hunger.


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5 Responses to “Soldier Eats a Live Mouse!”

  1. ChernoBill says:

    in which kind should this be funny?! i would also eat the nose or ears of this soldier, this would be fun.

  2. zipp says:

    pls remove this sickness

  3. dana says:

    but sick…for sure..or maybe he tried a lot of vodka after…my goodnessss
    by the way…nice advertisement “hands”

  4. Unknown says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. Kolya says:

    It looks like he switched it out with something else. It was in his right hand when the camera panned away, but then he put it in with his mouth…. and also, there would have been at least some blood coming out of his mouth or on his teeth. Looks fake to me.

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