6 Russian Marines Today

Russian Marines Today

Posted on November 15, 2013 by team

Service of Russian marines as it is in pictures.


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  1. Grigorij says:

    The guy with the RPK-74 on the third picture of the third page’s got some nice trigger discipline. :D

  2. john says:

    Look to be a proud bunch of service men.And thats a good thing.

  3. George says:

    Smoking is one of the worst things a solider can do. If the other guy doesn’t smoke, he can smell you literally a half a mile away.
    Take a cue from the Vietnam war too, and eat your enemies food. You can smell that too, and things like after shave etc….
    Amazing how many people don’t get it.

    • Zoran says:

      That’s called experience, once you loose it you have to pay a ¨price¨ to regain it measured in human lives usually…

  4. pedroo says:

    lol how many “experienced” soldiers commenting

  5. Douglas says:

    Rarely hear about these troops.

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