6 Car With an Aircraft Engine

Car With an Aircraft Engine

Posted on November 13, 2013 by team

What if anyone use an aircraft engine for a car? The first picture coming to mind is some awesome record breaking racer. However there can be a more reasonable solution like this UAZ.

The first thing that catches an eye is a protruded bumper that serves as a pallet for corrugated hose, unusual ledges under the lights.

Huge fuel tank behind the driver.


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  1. dana says:

    …and maybe because the engine doesnt work…:)))))

  2. dana says:

    its like…”too much noise for nothing”…:)))))

  3. Mummeli says:

    Eh, airborne? The term is APU, as in Auxiliary Power Unit. Sure, it provides power to mentioned systems, on ground, when groundpower is not available, and is used to start the main engines.

    After the main engines are running, it’s usually shut down, and not used during the flight.

  4. Tillerman says:

    It’s called an Air-start or Jetstarter. The hose is connected to the receptable of the aircraft.
    The engine in the vehicle drives an air compressor, which produces a large volume of compressed air. The compressed air is fed through the hose into ducts inside the aircraft and then directly onto the compressor blades of the jet engine. This makes the compressor spooling up, and when the desired RPM is reached the ignition is switched on, fuel is added and then the engine starts turning on its own. This is a very basic explanation of course. A lot more detail on this youtube clip:

  5. Tillerman says:

    Oh, and these things make an awful noise!!

  6. Makita says:

    Keep posting and keep updated.Thanks behind the efforts

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