2 The Churches That Survived Severe Flood

The Churches That Survived Severe Flood

Posted on November 12, 2013 by team

Mologa is a Russian city of notorious history. In 1935, when a new hydro power station was being built there, it was severely flooded and was fully submerged by 1947. It had been a big and prosperous city in the end of the XIX century, by the way. That’s why even after the flood many interesting churches were preserved to the present day. Some of them are rather monumental, others, on the contrary, look very sophisticated.


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2 Responses to “The Churches That Survived Severe Flood”

  1. Bolek says:

    When were these churches uncovered? From the photographs, it appears that they have not been submerged for quite a while as there is quite lush vegetation on remains of the roofs. Also, wooden structures would have been very unlikely to survive 70+ years of submersion. Additionally, there are electric power lines visible implying that the area of these churches have been above water for quite some time.

    Please include some commentary as to the exact location of the churches – the latest Google map shows that the Mologa is still completely submerged.

  2. Mitro says:

    Matthew 16:18. The church will stand forever..

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