2 Image of a Soviet Soldier

Image of a Soviet Soldier

Posted on November 8, 2013 by team

Soviet soldiers are interrogating the German prisoner.

Marine infantry scout.

Soviet soldier is helping his wounded friend to walk.

Soviet soldier is shaving in a trench.

Soviet soldiers in a German city of Osterfeld.

Red Army soldiers who have just captured an enemy command post vehicle with valuable documents.

Tank column “For Soviet Estonia” before joining the troops.

Antitank rifleman at the damaged Italian light tank L6/40.

Unknown Soviet machine gunner in one of the ruined houses of Stalingrad.

Multi-national Soviet gun team in Stalingrad.


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  1. rapists says:

    rapists and killers.nations destroyed.women raped.red nazis.liberators liberates and go,occupants stays,and destroys

  2. Jean says:

    When europe has had balls like they do with their big mouths now, then there where also no dead Russians.

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