3 Soviet Midget Submarine Triton

Soviet Midget Submarine Triton

Posted on November 4, 2013 by team

Almost all major components have undergone the modernization – propeller and steering systems, navigational and hydroacoustic equipment.

The modernized midget sub “Triton-1M” is still intended for two crew members and has a cruising capacity of six hours, speed of up to six knots. Its submersion depth is about 40 meters.

The modernized Triton looks smoother and can move at higher speed at decreased power consumption.

Every diver had his own individual weapons that were packed into special sacks, those sacks were sealed ashore and put under the seats in a sub. They took the sacks with them each time they left “Triton”.


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  1. javox says:

    i dont get the last pic, it say oct 19th 1945 but the one in black and white say same date, its how look like now? nice post by the way

  2. john says:

    good posting.great pic’s

  3. aok says:

    You make the vehicle mass, then sell in jakarta would sell. because jakarta often floods

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