4 Making the Perfect Delicacy: Red Caviar

Making the Perfect Delicacy: Red Caviar

Posted on November 4, 2013 by team

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In Kamchatka red caviar is like gold. Not so long ago poachers made 10-20 tons of red caviar out of salmon roe in one working season. In non-industrial scale caviar is made manually and the whole process does not take longer than a couple of hours, starting from catching and finishing with drying of ready caviar.
In fact fresh caviar does not even resemble that one you usually see in a store because it has not been processed with various chemicals or frozen, no preservatives have been added.
Fish eggs are bright and dense, they have elastic shells and are still easily bitten as opposed to fake caviar. And its taste is very enjoyable!

Right now you are going to see how caviar of coho salmon is made.

Red Caviar 6 2

We need to catch a coho female with weight of about four kilograms first.

Red Caviar 6 3

Then we rip its belly open.


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4 Responses to “Making the Perfect Delicacy: Red Caviar”

  1. Bill says:

    I’ve always wondered what the big thrill was about eating slimmy fish bait. As long as some idiot is willing to pay premium dollars, why not harvest the prodigy and kill off the fishing stock right? Now let us all go hug a tree. LOL Fish eggs suck and having massive labor doesn’t change the flavor or experience. Kiss someone who has just eaten caviar, it is like eating out an unbathed woman. Maybe that is the attaction….hmmm

  2. john says:


  3. Jason says:

    What a wretchedly horrible analogy “Bill”. One is only left to deduce that you have committed such a filthy sex act to be able to compare the two. I’m confidant you don’t feel the same way about chicken eggs. How about sushi? Caviar is delicious. Garlic leaves bad breath as well and is also delicious. People are so squeamish sometimes.

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