2 Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Posted on November 4, 2013 by team

Prohibition to enter any buildings in Pripyat came into action just several years ago. And city patrols strictly enforce it. Such measures are justify – it is not safe to be inside these houses anymore. Without people they keep decaying. However closed doors exist for opening them. So we are going to visit some of Pripyat houses right now.

Graffiti shadows of the city.

This one has faded due to radioactive fall-out.


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2 Responses to “Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City”

  1. Georg says:

    What is interesting about these and other pictures about Tshernobyl, is how everything is trashed in pieces. When accident happen they didn’t have time to brake whole town to pieces, so there has to be plenty of people who has been there robbing those homes etc. and who had nice levels of radiation by doing that. Somewhere is russians dropping like flies by different types of cancer because they have been there looting. Just exactly how dumb is that? Oh how nice it is to sit on my sofa, which I got free from Pripyat..And it’s glows in the dark :)

  2. geo says:

    Looking at a map of earthquake fault lines, it is fortunate that Chernobyl does not appear to reside upon such a fault line. If the reactor were shaken it could spell disaster. Yes, much of the apparent decay and destruction seems to have been by human hands, seeking to profit from a disaster. Sad. Such is the way of humanity.

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